Santander Bank Polska has launched the next stage of its campaign with Marcin Dorociński to promote family banking. The actor plays an observer of dreams and challenges about growing up.

Warsaw, 05 Oct 2020
The spot tells the story of a first crush and the challenges of being an adult that teenagers usually want to discover for themselves. It includes Faith No More's cover of ‘Easy’, a song originally performed by The Commodores. With Marcin Dorociński’s narration, the spot gives a warm family feel and shows how easy family banking is with Santander Bank Polska.

The spot highlights the benefits for parents and children of having an account at the same bank. Easy card or phone payments and the option of settling up with friends on BLIK are most useful to teenagers, who can also learn to manage their finances. Parents will surely appreciate being able to see their children's expenses or transfer emergency pocket money instantly.

All customers are important to us, including adults and those coming of age. We promote solutions that enable young people to manage their savings in an easy and responsible way. When families have accounts at one bank, teenagers can learn and gain financial independence. In the new spot we also encourage the use of mobile banking, which, as research shows, Poles are trusting more and more’, says Artur Sikora, Santander Bank Polska’s director of Corporate Communications and Marketing. 

According to Santander Bank Polska's data, its youngest customers prefer mobile banking to online banking. The number of account logins increases by age: Last year, 15-year-olds used their smartphones to log in, on average, 89 times; 16-year-olds, 102 times; and 17-year-olds, 123 times.

The ad campaign about family banking is running on television and the Internet.  It was created by FCB Bridge2Fun agency and produced by Propeller; Starcom handled the media purchase.From today, the spot will be run on all major TV stations and thematic channels, as well as on the Internet and YouTube at