The bank customises its offer for individuals and companies with free essential services for loyal customers and offers the possibility to subscribe to special plans for a fixed monthly fee.

It has entered into a strategic partnership with Iberia to attract and create loyalty among its customers with Santander One Iberia Plus, a programme through which customers can earn Avios and redeem them for flights, experiences and other benefits.

Madrid, 2 October 2020.
Santander Spain unveils its strategy with the launch on 5 November of Santander One, a new model for individuals and companies based on a simple account with essential services and no fees for loyal customers. It also offers the possibility to take out personalised value-added service plans under subscription, a pioneering model in the financial industry. Loyal customers will be able to carry out their usual transactions through digital channels and at the 40,000 Santander network ATMs worldwide and will not pay fees for basic services (debit and credit cards, domestic online transfers and Bizum), being able to add the personalised services they choose via a subscription.

In addition, Santander has finalised a strategic partnership with Iberia to implement an ambitious plan to attract and create loyalty among individuals and companies, Santander One Iberia Plus. The agreement gives customers the ability to earn Avios, which can be redeemed for flights, hotel nights with Paradores and other chains, car hire or leisure and gastronomy experiences. Santander customers will earn Avios for their regular transactions and for taking out products: up to 15,000 Avios for paying their salary directly into the account (redeemable for a round-trip flight in Europe), 5,000 Avios for insurance, 25,000 Avios for taking out a lease on a vehicle and up to 500,000 Avios for transferring a pension plan (equivalent to round-the-world flights).

Rami Aboukhair, chief executive officer of Santander Spain, points out: “With Santander One, we introduce a new offering so that our customers do not pay fees on their accounts and cards, have the best services through all channels and can subscribe to value-added plans so that they only pay for what they need. Furthermore, thanks to our partnership with Iberia, we reward our customers with Santander One Iberia Plus, the best loyalty programme on the market”. 

The Santander One Iberia Plus programme has three levels: Basic (free), Premium and Elite, under which benefits increase depending on transactions and the products taken out. The Premium plan, for only four euros per month, offers 250 Avios per month for having a salary paid into the account and 250 more for having direct debits, with the possibility of earning Avios for every three euros spent with a credit card. In addition, there will be a welcome bonus for the 9,000 Avios Plan. It also includes other benefits such as a 10% discount on Iberia flights and an extra 25% of Avios when buying flights on

In addition to the Santander One Iberia Plus Plan, the bank offers four other available plans for a fixed monthly fee of three euros for individuals and six euros for companies:

  • Plan Santander One Viajes (travel): allows you to withdraw unlimited money at any ATM in the world with the Santander One Debit card and there are no fees for purchases in currencies other than euros. In addition, it includes a system to provide customers with emergency cash worldwide.
  • Plan Santander One Atención VIP (VIP service): offers a personalised service 24 hours a day any day of the week to deal with problems with passwords, cards or for any other reason.
  • Plan Santander One Pagos (payments): allows you to make immediate and unlimited domestic and international transfers and pay in unlimited domestic cheques in euros at any branch.
  • Plan Santander Seguridad Digital (digital security): provides customers with a 24-hour family protection legal service and offers the possibility to store passwords and valuable documents with the bank.

In line with the group's aim to continue simplifying the product range, Santander One, which has cards associated with it (Santander One Debit Card, Santander All in One Credit Card and Santander One Aplaza Card) replaces the other accounts that have been marketed to date (123 Individuals Account, Everyday Account, 123 Zero Account, 81 Account, or Standard Account, among others). Only the Smart Account for young people, Mini Account for children, and Basic Account remain available.

To be considered a loyal customer, it is sufficient for the customer to have his or her salary or pension paid into the account, three direct debits and one financing (loans, mortgage or leasing), savings (investment fund, pension plan, savings insurance etc.) or insurance product (home, car, life, accident etc.). Customers who only pay in their salary or earnings, or only have a savings, financing or insurance product, will pay €10 per month for account maintenance and essential services. Inactive customers, who have no deposited earnings or products taken out, will pay 20 euros per month.

Santander also launches new insurance ranges with premiums starting at €10 per month and reduces the minimum savings required for investment management through Managed Portfolios from €10,000 to €5,000 to make the loyalty requirements easier to reach. In addition, it has offers on financing products such as computer and mobile phone leasing from 15 euros per month, loans for home improvements and loans for purchasing environmentally-friendly cars.

For the self-employed, micro-enterprises and SMEs, Santander strengthens its financial support and commercial orientation services, with rates of zero to 30 euros per month, depending on loyalty. The bank offers the new Santander One Corporate cards without issuance or maintenance fees and makes One Digital available to its customers, the new specialised internet platform that allows customers to carry out online transfers throughout the European Union and other countries that accept euros (SEPA), access Bizum's services and currency trading. It also offers other services with digitalisation possibilities for the self-employed, micro-enterprises and SMEs, such as Santander ZOne, the sales platform through which they can create exclusive offers and sell to Santander customers.