Santander has been acknowledged at the 18th Expansion Awards for Innovation in Human Resources for the model created for analysing employee comments submitted during the global engagement survey.

The initiative awarded by Spain's main financial newspaper and run by Global HR involves the development of a natural-language processing model for reading the 400,000 comments in 18 languages that are obtained through this survey every year.

This project helps us gain much more information from the active listening strategy that we have in place for employees within the group, adding qualitative analysis to quantitative data.

This affords us a better diagnosis of the group's commitment and of the key drivers for accelerating the cultural transformation, organisational support and leadership.  

Global HR team with Alexandra Brandão, standing in the middle
Global HR team with Alexandra Brandão, standing in the middle

Alexandra Brandão, the global head of Human Resources, underlines that, "This acknowledgement reflects Santander's commitment to innovation and transformation in all people management processes.  We believe it is essential to listen to employees, to be aware of their needs, to know whether the initiatives put in place are obtaining the expected results and to identify what plans and initiatives should be followed to meet their needs and those of the business. This award is the result of the work done by all of the global and local teams to make Santander a better place for people every day."

The award ceremony took place in Madrid on 26 November at an event presided by Yolanda Díaz, the Spanish Minister for Work and Social Economy. Luis Aranguez, from Global HR, accepted the award on behalf of Santander.