Akana, Santander Consumer Spain’s free service that helps you understand your financial health, is now available for customers and non-customers alike. 

This new service is part of Santander Consumer's responsible banking commitment to promote financial education and responsible consumption, with tools and content to make your life – and your decisions – easier.

Learn about Akana

Akana is a quick and easy way to check on your accounts, based on objective data from your transactions with whomever you bank, by dint of the European PSD2 directive. It shows your account information in a simple, easy-to-read and customized analysis, with numerous metrics and daily tips concerning your financial health. 

Furthermore, Santander Consumer has revamped its Your Near Future (Tu Futuro Próximo) blog with content on financial health, savings and responsible consumption. 

Santander Consumer continues to help people get the skills and tools they need to make informed and responsible decisions about their finances.