In the new spring commercial of Santander Bank Polska, Marcin Dorociński shows how you can make your daily tasks easier with Santander Mobile application.

Warsaw, 15 Mar 2021
The bank is launching a spring campaign promoting its mobile application and vast opportunities it gives its users. Spring is a special time of the year when feelings are blooming and that is the theme of this commercial. Santander Bank Polska reminds you that there are some special moments in our lives that we cherish. In such moments Santander Mobile application comes in handy. In the commercial, Marcin Dorociński takes up various roles, e.g. a coach and a family film character. He comments on the challenges we encounter in our daily life.

 “Life is full of surprises, and we want to be there to make life easier for our customers in any situation,” said Artur Sikora, the CMO of Santander Bank Polska. “That’s why we’ve equipped our mobile application with many features, from convenient mobile payments, BLIK transfers to a telephone number, through to help with small, everyday things, such as paying for parking or buying public transport tickets. But we also want to emphasise the advantages for families banking with us – because they are always better off when using technological solutions in one bank,” he added. 

The commercial emphasises the benefits of opening the Account As I Want It for the parent and the teenager – in addition to the convenience and security of family banking, there is also a bonus offered for opening and actively using the account.

The campaign promoting the Account As I Want It with Santander Mobile application runs on  the TV, the Internet and other media. The campaign has been created by FCB Bridge2Fun agency and Red8 (BTL), with Propeller being responsible for the footage production and Starcom for media purchases.