Five Polish startups have already been selected in the fourth round of the acceleration programme conducted jointly by the bank and Accelpoint, while   the sixth is yet to be chosen. They will now start working on aligning the solutions to the Bank’s business requirements and customers’ needs. 

Warsaw, 01 Mar 2021
The acceleration programme, in which the bank acts as the sponsor of the FinTech stream, connects mature startups with market-ready solutions with the business. Selected startup will get support from financial experts to adjust their product and service ideas to the real market demand.  

The following companies have been selected:

  1. DeFiSyndicate (e-Inwestor platform) is an investment and educational platform that helps investors better understand the stock-exchange products and get a more convenient access to the necessary information and educational materials. In relation to an increasing demand for stock-exchange products in Poland and the difficult access to quality information about them, DeFiSyndicate decided to develop an easily-accessible and user-friendly space where both novice and professional investors will be able to find the desired information. The platform is available online, so you have the necessary information always at hand.
  2. Privacy Optimization/ Data Breach Management Tool (DBMT) is an optimisation software that supports organisations in analysing personal data incidents, assessing risk and sending timely personal data breach notification  to personal data protection authorities. This pioneering privacy violation response tool has been developed to fully support and automate critical processes conducted by data protection officers and privacy teams to properly handle the incidents.
  3. Octagon/ Dataphora offers a new standard of customers’ personal data transfers between different business units of one bank, e.g. between a bank and its brokerage house. The system replaces the existing direct integrations, including manual processes that are applied due to the “Chinese wall” principles. The main idea is to use the blockchain paradigm of Sovereign Identity within which the bank’s customer fully controls personal data flow. As a result, the end user is an intermediary between the bank’s units, so each transfer requires their consent. The solution is scalable, secure and efficient.
  4. NobleData is a fintech startup established based on many years of experience in developing state-of-the-art software for financial institutions. The mission of the company is to provide IT solutions that allow creating new services and products in the sector. To this end, they use the latest process digitalisation technologies: blockchain, tokenisation, SSI, biometrics. NobleData provides solutions that pass the most rigorous security tests and are in line with the recent UX and CX trends.
  5. 4Semantics develops document recognition technologies and use them build SensID product lines: unique solutions that allow automating complex cognitive tasks. SensID Cognitive Automation understands information from the documents and transforms it into a structured form which is ready for further processing in robotisation and for analytical use. The technology has been used in SensID GDPR product which searches for and manages the personal data, and thus ensures compliance with the GDPR. Work is underway to develop products supporting automated banking and insurance document recognition. 

According to the plan, by June 2021, products and solutions will have been developed and startups’ solutions will have been implemented onto the bank’s test environment.

Participants of the programme will receive a grant of PLN 200k and 100 hours of consultations from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development to facilitate adjustment of their solutions to the bank’s needs and validate them in real-life conditions. The aim of the AccelUp programme is to commercialise startup technologies   that will successfully go through the pilot programmes and then implement them within Santander Group.

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