This is now the 7th year of the Santander program, which helps students gain access to the job market.

Santander Universities has developed partnerships with its customers to encourage job placements during adverse situations

Of the 1,200 current vacancies, 200 have been specifically assigned to the Amazonian region.

São Paulo, March 22, 2021 - PRESS RELEASE - The Santander University-Companies program is now in its 7th year, with an increase of 200 internships to total 1,200 new opportunities, at an initial salary of BRL 1,000. The internship period lasts for four months, with four hours of work per day.  This initiative is the fruition of Santander Universities in partnership with the Advance Program, which over the years has benefited more than 4,300 university students and helped to ensure that they have been able to get their first experiences in the job market. The scholarship is co-sponsored: BRL 500 is paid by the bank, with the rest being paid by the contracting company. 

Students from any type of university course or region in Brazil can register in the program from March 22 to October 31 in the hope of getting one of the vacancies on offer at the Universia Jobs ( website. In addition to getting selected for an internship, all registrants will receive a study scholarship for the Next Steps (Próximos Passos) course, focused on supporting the professional career of students and also being certified by FIA USP and Santander.

"To get an internship in the current job market is a challenge and the University Companies - a program that has existed since 2015 - makes even more sense. We look at two different aspects: those who need support getting an internship and those trying to access the job market for the very first time", affirmed Nicolás Vergara, head of Santander Universities. 

Since the very first year, the Program has awarded more than one thousand scholarships per year to university students to experience the job market for the very first time. The results are promising, with half of all internships being effective or having had their contracts renewed at the end of the scholarship. The connection with the companies who offer the opportunities takes place through the Advance Program, which encourages the growth of small and medium-size enterprises. Companies interested in offering an internship can also register on the Universia Jobs ( website, while making sure to observe criteria contained in respective regulations.

From a Company standpoint, the program is one of the benefits of the Advance Program, a solution that supports enterprising individuals through online courses, content, partnerships and much more. "We appreciate that the current situation is challenging, and our objective is to contribute to the development of small and medium-size enterprises. We want to accelerate the return of business, and making an intern available to such companies can be one of the ways to facilitate this process", explains Franco Fasoli, director of Business and Companies.

About Santander Universities
Banco Santander is strongly committed to progress, as well as inclusive and sustainable growth, through pioneering and consolidated support of higher education through Santander University, which has stood out from other financial institutions for the last 25 years. More than 2 billion Euros have been set aside and more than 630 thousand scholarships have been granted during this period. Santander invests around BRL 40 million per year in Brazil and, in 2020, sponsored more than 24 thousand students across educational, employment and business-related initiatives.