The aim of these scholarships is to contribute to the financial stability of students with a view to enhancing their academic performance

They offer support to students who wish to begin, pursue or complete an ungraduate or graduate degree

Registration is open until 18 April 2021 at: Bolsas Futuro Edição 2021

Lisbon, 30 March 2021.
Applications can now be sent for more than 360 Bolsas Santander Futuro 2021 scholarships. These scholarships were designed to provide support to university students with limited financial resources, who are enrolled at one of the 50 participating higher education institutions benefitting from Banco Santander funds, and who are determined to begin, pursue or complete part of their academic career.

The aim of the scholarships, for sums of up to €1,000, is to contribute to financial stability with a view to enhancing the academic performance of recipients.

The main criteria include academic merit and the need for financial support to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies.

The scholarship programme is open to students at any university and institute in Portugal in a partnership with Santander Universities. To be eligible for the scholarships, applicants must be officially registered as unemployed with the Portuguese jobseekers' institute, Instituto Português do Emprego e Formação Profissional (IEFP).

They must also present proof of their economic and financial need for aid to pursue their studies, and study at a university more than 50 km away from their place of residence, among other criteria.

With regard to education, in addition to access, continuation and success at university level with no distinction on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion or political, social or economic circumstances, Santander Universities places particular importance on creating opportunities for less well-off students, students with special needs or students who are members of vulnerable social groups.

Santander Universities' national and international experience has shown that awarding scholarships has had a key role in stopping the recipients from dropping out of university. Scholarships have also brought financial stability to students, resulting in better performance and academic success.

Aware that universities and institutes know their students' social circumstances better, Santander Universities has relied on their support to generate applications, selecting and awarding scholarships to students whose commitment to pursuing their academic journey is evident in their performance and specific results.

Santander and its commitment to education

Banco Santander, leader in responsible banking, has a strong commitment to progress and inclusive and sustainable growth. Over the last 25 years, it has nurtured pioneering and consolidated ties with higher education through Santander Universities, thus standing out from other financial institutions. The bank has granted more than €2 billion and more than 630,000 scholarships and grants since its launch.

In Portugal, Santander invests more than €7 million in responsible banking every year. Through Santander Universities, Santander has close partnerships with 50 higher education institutions, with a focus on three main areas: education, entrepreneurship and employability.