Clients who are holders of an Account As I Want It or a Select account with Santander Bank Polska can now take advantage of a new medical service - package. Thanks to this solution they will be able to consult a doctor quickly, conveniently and safely by phone, video or chat. Santander Bank Polska has developed the service in cooperation with Visa and Telmedicin.

Warsaw, 08 Apr 2021
The medical package offered to customers of Santander Bank Polska, includes unlimited e-consultations with an internist or pediatrician. Moreover, during six months of the agreement term, the bank's customers will be able to consult a specialist three times,  namely a cardiologist, diabetologist, endocrinologist, dermatologist, allergologist, gynecologist, surgeon, orthopedist, oncologist  or a neurologist. Noteworthy, the doctors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As part of the subscription, the customers will also be able to receive e-prescriptions, e-referrals and e-certificates.

The agreement is concluded for a period of 6 months and afterwards, unless the customer decides otherwise, it is extended for another six-month period. The cost of the subscription is 12 PLN per month and the fees are charged quarterly. You can purchase any number of medical packages, covering your family members, for example. The person for whom the additional package is purchased does not have to be the bank's client and does not have to be related to the client who has already purchased a medical package.

The medical package offer is available to customers who are holders of an Account As I Want It or a Select Account. Holders of Select Account in Santander Bank Polska can use the medical package free of charge during the first 3 months of the agreement. The service can be purchased at, an online clinic created specially for the bank's clients.

The e-consultation service for Santander Bank Polska customers is arranged by Visa.

Patients conclude an agreement for the service with Telmedicin, which collects fees for it.