Santander Bank Polska is the first bank in Poland to have launched an innovative service of signing agreements with new customers on a biometric tablet. Customers who want to open an account remotely can confirm their identity during a video call with an advisor, by taking a photo or by making a transfer from another bank. They can also choose to contact a courier who will verify their identity and deliver the agreement. Now, the agreement only needs to be signed with a stylus on a tablet during the courier's visit.  

Warsaw, 01 Apr 2021
Santander Bank Polska introduces biometric tablets for concluding contracts with new customers. This innovative solution, implemented in cooperation with InPost, is called e-SmartCourier. The courier, instead of carrying a paper contract, comes to the customer with a biometric tablet. When the customer enters on the tablet the code to decrypt the documents (received earlier by text), the contract is displayed. The customer can read it on the tablet and then sign it with a stylus. The document in a digital form is sent to the bank and the customer receives the agreement by email. The solution is not only practical as there is no need for the customer to visit the branch, but also eco-friendly as it eliminates the need to print documents.

Additionally, when a customer signs a contract, the biometric characteristics of the signature (e.g. speed, pressure force) are memorized. This makes it possible to unambiguously determine whether the signature belongs to the person who signed the document.

This is yet another environment-friendly solution offered by Santander Bank Polska. In February 2020, the bank introduced smsCode authorization of selected transactions in branches. Since then, customers have used this solution almost 2 million times.

Prospective customers of Santander Bank Polska can apply for an account quickly, securely and entirely remotely. They can do it through a photo of their ID and face, a video interview with an advisor, a transfer from an account in another bank or through a courier who delivers documents and certifies identity. Currently, signing a contract on a biometric tablet is available as a pilot project in Warsaw.

At the end of last year Santander Bank Polska had 4.8 million retail customers, of whom 2.4 million were digitally active. Last year, the number of mobile banking customers increased by almost 18% to 1.7 million.