Since its launch in 2014, 500 employees at the bank have helped to improve the basic financial knowledge of around 5,400 secondary school pupils.

This initiative, in which 17 financial institutions participate, is organised by the Spanish Banking Association (AEB) with the support of the Junior Achievement Foundation.

Madrid, 4 May 2021.
Forty employees from different areas of Banco Santander have volunteered as part of the 7th edition of “Tus finanzas, tu futuro”, a financial literacy initiative run by the Spanish Banking Association (AEB) and supported by the Junior Achievement Foundation. Since its launch seven years ago, a total of 500 Banco Santander employees have helped to improve the basic financial knowledge of around 5,400 secondary school pupils. Members of the bank's senior management team also took part in this year's edition, including: Alexandra Brandao, Global Human Resources Director; Mónica López-Monis, Group Head of Relations with Supervisors and Regulators; José Doncel, Group Control and Audit Director and Javier Roglá, Global Director of Santander Universities and CEO of Universia.

As part of this edition, three educational sessions were imparted addressing topics such as the importance of saving, credit and cybersecurity by means of fun activities with the pupils and their teachers, and using tools such as Kahoot to gauge the knowledge acquired.

Volunteers received training imparted by instructors from the Junior Achievement Foundation, who also produce the manuals and other teaching materials received by the participants. As a precautionary measure on account of the pandemic, the Spanish Banking Association Foundation and the Junior Achievement Foundation adapted the programmes to offer them exclusively online, thus ensuring the continuity of their educational work at schools with all the necessary guarantees.

Volunteers imparted these virtual workshops to teenagers from 122 schools across 33 Spanish provinces, reasserting their commitment to promoting the development of healthy financial habits amongst young people when it comes to taking day-to-day decisions in the future.

Since its launch in 2014, more than 40,700 students have benefitted from the “Tus finanzas, tu futuro” initiative through 1,690 programmes, as part of the long-term commitment of the AEB and its partner banks to raise awareness amongst citizens of financial products and services.

Banco Santander is firmly committed to financial inclusion in all the countries in which it operates, as part of its responsible banking agenda. Its aim is to financially empower 10 million people worldwide between 2019 and 2025, through three main lines of action: help people who do not use banking services to access basic financial services, offer specific made-to-measure products to low income customers or those with economic difficulties and foster resilience through financial education; in this regard, it organises well-known programmes like "Finance for Dummies" in Spain in cooperation with Santander Financial Institute, the "Sanodelucas" platform in Chile, "Tuiio Finanzas de tú a tú" in Mexico and "Scola" in Brazil.