The 5-week, online course will take place between September and October 2021.

The program, created by MIT Professional Education, focuses on leadership in the digital transformation process.

Application opens on April 26th and will continue through June 18th, 2021, at

Lisbon, 3rd May, 2021. PRESS RELEASE
Santander Universities Portugal, in collaboration with the professional education arm of world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Professional Education, is set to launch 100 Santander scholarships | Leading Digital Transformation in Portugal. These scholarships are aimed at Portuguese professionals from diverse sectors looking to discover—or revisit—the process of efficiently leading digital transformation in their companies or organizations.

With a total duration of 5 weeks—equivalent to 40 hours of study—the online program “Leading Digital Transformation” aims to equip participants with the ability to understand, accelerate, and manage the transformative processes in their organizations that stem from technological innovation and the new digital economy.

The program is aimed at multiple levels of professionals—including managers and potential managers —who want to bolster their potential in the context of the digital economy and contribute to successful digital transformation processes in their organizations.

It offers an overview of the main digital technologies that are currently accelerating the economy and business—artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, cyber security, and the Internet of things—while also delving into the interpersonal skills necessary to lead their implementation.

Program participants will learn to identify their leadership strengths and utilize them to boost creativity and innovation. They will also uncover the value of multicultural diversity in the corporate environments they operate in to guide their teams through both societal and economic digital transformation.

The scholarship recipients will have access to a relevant, practical learning experience, including videos of recorded lessons, interactive teaching material, case studies, and self-assessments. The program also encourages collaboration and interaction between participants through collective activities and participation in forums to debate and discuss the topics covered throughout the program.

Participants who successfully complete all tasks and activities in the program, take an active role in discussion forums, and receive a final score of at least 80% will receive an online Certificate of Completion in Leading Digital Transformation.

The program's faculty includes MIT experts and professors, such as David Niño, Bhaskar Pant, Abel Sánchez, and John R. Williams. Application opens on April 26th and runs through June 18th, 2021, and the program will take place between September 6th and October 20th of the same year.

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Santander and its commitment to education
Banco Santander, leader in responsible banking, has a strong commitment to progress and inclusive and sustainable growth. Over the last 25 years, it has nurtured pioneering and consolidated ties with higher education through Santander Universities, thus standing out from other financial institutions. The bank has granted more than €2 billion via more than 630,000 scholarships and grants since its launch.

In Portugal, Santander invests more than €7 million in responsible banking every year. Through Santander Universities, Santander has close partnerships with 50 higher education institutions, with a focus on three main areas: education, entrepreneurship, and employability.