Openbank, Santander Group's fully digital bank, has now launched a campaign to incentivise savings through its investment funds and pension plans. After a record 2020 in terms of attracting funds and managed assets, Openbank Wealth continues to expand, and has now topped EUR 1,800 million under management.

On the new campaign, both customers and non-customers are eligible for a 1% discount for signing up, transferring or adding to any investment fund sold by the bank in its catalogue of more than 2,000 funds run by more than 100 management companies all over the world. The funds have no fee for custody, subscription, reimbursement or transfer.

The maximum discount is EUR 600, and customers can take up the promotion by entering the FONDOS2021 code on the bank's website or app up to 30 July, and signing up or transferring at least EUR 3,000 before 31 August.

For pension plans, the bank also rewards transfers from another bank to any of more than 35 plans with 5 different management companies in the Openbank catalogue. The discount is as much as 2%, depending on the amount contributed over EUR 5,000. This means that customers who bring their plans to Openbank will obtain 1% for amounts between EUR 5,000 and EUR 30,000; 1.5% between EUR 30,000 and EUR 60,000, and 2% for amounts over EUR 60,000. These products have no fee for transfer or custody.

The maximum amount to be remunerated is EUR 5,500, and customers can take up the promotion by entering the TRASPASO21 code on the bank's website or app before 30 September.