From 5 July, residents of the Region of Madrid can book their vaccination at the Santander Group City on the government’s appointment system.

Santander Group City boosts the regional vaccination programme with 1,000 vaccinations daily.

Santander, 21 July 2021 - UPDATE
Banco Santander signed an agreement with the Region of Madrid’s government to turn the Santander Group City, in Boadilla del Monte, into a COVID-19 vaccination site. On 5 July, the bank began vaccinating residents who booked an appointment on the regional government's systems.

Under the agreement, which exemplifies cooperation between the public and private sectors, the bank will put its facilities and medical staff at the regional government’s service to administer vaccines between July and August, without any pecuniary advantage; the government will, in turn, take care of securing and delivering the vaccines. The Santander Group City vaccination site will be open to employees and residents, who will receive a vaccination according to health authorities’ age requirements.

Pablo Marina, head of Health and Wellness at Banco Santander, believes the agreement, which is part of Banco Santander's ongoing efforts to support government institutions in the pandemic, "will help accelerate the vaccination programme and be hugely beneficial to the residents of the Region of Madrid ".

Santander Group City is key vaccination site in northeast Madrid, where Puerta de Hierro hospital and other medical centres are also administering vaccines. It is open for vaccination from Monday to Friday and can administer up to 1,000 vaccines daily.

This initiative is also part of the ‘Sumamos Health+Economy Plan’ project that Spanish businesses launched when the pandemic began in order to aid government authorities. More than one hundred large companies have endorsed the plan and are undertaking one of its five initiatives: testing, tracing, awareness, support for vulnerable groups, and vaccination.

More than 20,000 businesses, including SMEs, have taken part in the plan; twelve regional governments, representing 90% of Spain's population, have signed up to it as well.

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