From this month Servipag's branch network will be available to perform various transactions over extended opening hours, including weekends.

Striving constantly to provide a better service experience for all customers, Banco Santander and Servipag have signed a major agreement to enable users to carry out a range of transactions through this banking service support company's branch network.

Specifically, customers may now cash and deposit cheques, make cash deposits and pay off credit cards, consumer and mortgage loans at more than 200 Servipag customer service facilities throughout Chile, even at weekends.

“We are sure that this alliance will benefit all of our customers, who will have more facilities available for longer periods of time. This also enables us to reach many more locations around the country. We are committed to providing them with the best service experience, and that means having a range of options in place to facilitate their transactions", said Pedro Orellana, manager of Santander's retail and commercial banking division.

According to Jaime García, general manager of Servipag, this new partnership is in keeping with the company's aim of providing simple solutions that make people's lives easier. "This agreement will enable Santander customers to take advantage of the proximity, speed, security and trust that our branches provide to perform their banking transactions. Moreover, at a time when it is so difficult to move around, they have the option of performing more transactions in person in a single location, thus optimising travel times."

The transactions Santander customers can carry out at Servipag branches are as follows:

  • Cash cheques: a maximum amount of $ 500,000
  • Deposit cheques: up to 14 cheques per deposit and a maximum of $ 50,000,000 per document, to current accounts, demand accounts and savings accounts.
  • Deposit cash: for a maximum amount of $ 5,000,000 (per slip) to current accounts, demand accounts and savings accounts.
  • Pay off credit cards: cash only, with the account statement or stating the holder's tax number and the last four digits on the card. 
  •  Pay off consumer and mortgage loans: cash only, stating the holder's tax number and the last four digits of the credit. Only valid for settling the total amount payable. .

The branch network's offices and working hours are available for consultation at