Santander Bank Polska simplifies its communication to make it comprehensible and customer-friendly. A number of procedures and document templates have already been simplified. Now, the Bank has signed the "Banks' Declaration of the Plain Language Standard".

Warsaw, 15 Jul 2021
Santander Bank Polska simplifies the language used in the documents for customers. So far, the bank amended over 50 procedures and 70 templates of e-mail messages directed to customers.

Customers appreciate the changes made in the bank's language. Since 2018, the Satisfaction Index in the category of "How comprehensible is the language used by the bank with the customer" has increased by as much as 15 p.p.

"At Santander Bank Polska we make changes that bring real value to customers. We work to make sure that the documents we send to our customers are comprehensible and that reading them does not take too much time. So far we have simplified the language in over 3,230 pages of letters, forms, agreements and regulations. We regularly provide plain language training sessions and consultations for our employees – over 2 thousand people have already benefited from our sessions," says Mariola Wytrykus, a person in charge of the plain language project at Santander Bank Polska.

The bank has signed the "Banks' Declaration of the Plain Language Standard", prepared under the auspices of the Polish Banks Association. The bank's representatives participated in the task force working on tools with which the plain language would become a standard on the market.

Santander Bank Polska will also apply the "Best Practice of Bank Communication" – a document provided to the signatories of the Declaration. Apart from plain language rules, the document contains guidelines on how to educate the employees and develop document templates.