For the fifth consecutive year, Getnet Brazil, neutralized its carbon footprint by purchasing credits in the market, in line with the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program, one of the main tools for identification and calculation of greenhouse gas emissions. More than offsetting, Getnet Brazil reduced its emissions by 30% in the period, and closed 2020 with 710 tons of carbon offset.

Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the company has been investing and implementing corporate policies and practices that contribute to its ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) agenda. "Since 2016, we have worked to evolve in the consolidation of practices and policies that lead us to have a more sustainable operation that positively impacts society, contributing to the prosperity of people and businesses. Thus, our performance is not isolated, but integrated to the essence of our business strategy", explains Luciano Ferrari, Getnet's Brazil IR & ESG vice-president.

The company started to apply concepts of circular economy to improve the profitability of the operation and asset management of their POS machines, or as they called it in Brazil "maquininhas". In Getnet's Brazil portfolio, the SuperGet model with coil is already developed with less pollutant materials. Furthermore, a project for the delivery of machines using only electric motorbikes is in a pilot phase, and it is estimated that with this action the company will be able to reduce over 30 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

The company understands that it is necessary to involve the entire production and supply chain in an agenda in favour of sustainability. "If we want to effectively contribute to a low carbon economy, the involvement of our stakeholders is fundamental. Our suppliers and partners play a fundamental role so that this theme gains strength and companies become protagonists in this movement", says Ferrari.

One of the actions is the Sustainable Supply Chain, which follows ESG criteria for contracting suppliers and evaluates them according to their commitment to sustainability, LGPD (General Data Protection Law), operational risk, compliance, information security and supplies. Today, for example, the most strategic partners develop social projects with local communities and are encouraged to implement internal actions and engage employees in Diversity and ESG topics.

Getnet, a PagoNxt company, is a global acquiring franchise developed to create opportunities for merchants worldwide. It improves the simplicity, speed and safety of payments for merchants across gateway, risk management, processing, schemes connectivity and issuers services. ​​​​​​​