Ulity, Santander Consumer Finance's new white-label technology platform, creates subscription-based solutions within the mobility service sector.

Ulity uses software as a service (SaaS) technology, with strategic advice from a diverse, specialist team.

With its sights set on becoming a reference in the mobility service sector, Ulity is beginning its operations in Europe, where Santander Consumer Finance is the auto finance leader.

Ulity will be officially unveiled at the Global Mobility Call 2022.

Madrid, 7 June 2022.
Santander Consumer Finance has launched Ulity, its new white-label technology platform specialised in the development of vehicle subscription-based solutions within the mobility service sector. Leveraging its extensive knowledge and experience in the sector, Santander Consumer Finance has developed its own SaaS technology so that other business groups and companies can use it to accelerate and simplify their entry into the vehicle subscription services, expand their business reach and access new customers, without the costs of creating their own solution. Ulity's proposal is aimed primarily at automotive brands, private transport companies, car rental, leasing, large corporations and auto marketplaces, among others.

Ulity owes itself to the proven success of Wabi, Santander Consumer Finance's monthly car subscription service that runs on the same SaaS technology. In Spain since July 2020, Wabi serves more than 9,000 registered users and is available in 30 provinces, with cars supplied by 71 affiliated dealers. Having also launched this service in Norway and Germany, Santander Consumer Finance will take it to France, Switzerland and Italy later this year.

Ulity's all-in, tech-driven and tested model is positioning Santander Consumer Finance to be the strategic technology partner for companies looking to develop vehicle subscription-based solutions. Companies can integrate its scalable, flexible software with their own systems according to their needs. Ulity's technology also comes with assistance by a diverse team of top advisers who have worked extensively in financial institutions, leasing companies, subscription services and automotive companies, and fully understand mobility service providers' challenges and goals.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Ulity will tailor solutions to companies' business, size and targets so they can provide their users with ready-to-use vehicles, immediately and without any commitment of permanence. Its software can customize subscription-based solutions; reduce the cost of setting up car fleets for companies and professionals; diversify the fleets they already have and extend their useful life; and adapt management to fluctuating demand.

Furthermore, Ulity is a platform designed to encourage users to develop wiser, more eco-friendly business models. Committed to sustainable mobility services, it aims to promote better management of car fleets and pay-per-use models while helping companies incorporate more electric cars.

Ulity will be officially unveiled at the Global Mobility Call 2022. IFEMA will run the event in-person and online from 14 to 16 June in Madrid, bringing together the main international leaders and agents involved in the future of mobility.