In the difficult times for the advertising market, only the media that offer projects interesting for both recipients and potential partners have a chance to be successful.  Two brands known for their innovative solutions and engagement in non-standard activities - “Puls Biznesu", the most influential daily in Poland and Radio 357, the most popular internet radio, have just started cooperation. 

Warsaw, 31 October 2022.
Trendbook will be their first joint project, a show presenting the impact that the changes in the world will have on business and the decisions we make. The authors will track trends that impact the way we live, work and buy,in the world of technology, business and media. 

The first season of Trendbook will be launched on October 27. The show will be hosted by Grzegorz Nawacki - Editor-in-chief of "Puls Biznesu" and Paweł Sołtys - CEO of Radio 357. The show will be a fixed in the radio line-up.  You can listen to it every Thursday at 2.10pm, and every Wednesday, the topic of the week will be widely discussed in „Puls Biznesu”. All the information will be available at 

  • The listeners of Radio 357 and the readers of “Puls Biznesu" are similar in the way that they are curious about the world, they are overwhelmed with information, want to grasp the most useful, reliable and valuable information. That is why we see great potential in creating joint, unique projects on the market.  To the first of them, Trendbook, we will invite guests from the absolute top league - business, technology and innovation visionaries who will help our readers and listeners to properly assess where the modern world is heading. – says Grzegorz Nawacki.
  • Various trends are changing business and consumers, here and now. We will look at them broadly in Trendbook, we will show mutual dependencies and their consequences. Thanks to this, we will search for and carefully note changes that need to be tamed and used. We will be helped by speakers, experienced managers in various sectors. We will create a „notebook” which will be useful to anyone making business decisions and every conscious consumer, says Paweł Sołtys.

Santander Bank Poland is our partner in the first season. 

We value modern, interesting projects with great potential that inspire, teach and arouse interest. We like new challenges, too. That is why we are happy to join new, valuable initiatives, especially those implemented in cooperation with valued and influential partners who provide real, useful knowledge to our customers. Trendbook will certainly be such a project, says Monika Nowakowska – Head of the Public Relations Department with Santander Bank Polska.

We are certain that this form of cooperation will be appreciated by the market, listeners and readers. We are planning both next editions of the Trendbook, as well as joint programs and publications in a similar format but on different subjects, says Grzegorz Nawacki.

Briefly about “Puls Biznesu”:
“Puls Biznesu”  has been a source of reliable information for business owners, managers and investors for 25 years. is read by ca. 664 thousand Internet users monthly (Mediapanel), and access to paid content is already used by 26.5 thousand of subscribers. The printed version of "Puls Biznesu" reaches over 98 thousand people. (Polskie Badania Czytelnictwa).

Briefly about 357 (radio station)
Radio 357 is an innovative, independent media project created by the community. It is an audio content platform for a demanding audience - it covers internet radio, podcasts and cultural initiatives. Radio 357 was created on the initiative of the band previously known from of the Programme 3 of Polish radio. The project is based on crowdfunding, no adverts. Communication with Patrons are key. They are listeners who finance Radio 357 with regular monthly contributions.  They are the largest community of such type in Poland and one of the largest in the world - almost 45,000 people.