Santander Bank Polska won the top prize in the 16th edition of the Sustainability Reports competition. The bank was recognised for, among other things, the scrupulous presentation of the activities undertaken, the extensive description of the relationship and impact on wider society, as well as the inclusion of the TCFD as an integral part of the report. The competition is organised by the Responsible Business Forum and Deloitte.

Warsaw, 29 November, 2022.
The aim of the competition is to promote the reporting of issues related to ESG factors, to identify good practices in this area, and to increase the transparency of reporting organisations' activities. This year, in the 'Sustainability Report' category, one of the two main awards went to Santander Bank Polska. A new feature added by the bank was the Climate Report, developed according to the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) criteria, which is an integral part of the ESG Report. It presents the results of an analysis of the opportunities and risks that arise from climate change. Such a comprehensive approach makes it possible to understand how different the impact of these changes on the bank's business and its customers can be.

At Santander Bank Polska, we have been reviewing our performance in the context of ESG for nine years now. In our view, transparent information regarding ESG indicators is crucial for the credibility of financial institutions. We are delighted that our philosophy and method of reporting have once again been recognised. As one of the largest banks in Poland, we want to inspire other companies and encourage them to report on sustainability. ESG strategy is an integral part of our business strategy and we are positive that more and more companies will follow this path,” says Katarzyna Teter, Sustainability & ESG Team Manager at Santander Bank Polska.

The 2021 ESG Report published by Santander Bank Polska presents the most important information from the point of view of investors, regulators and the European Union. These are primarily ESG indicators on which non-financial ratings and assessments of companies, countries and other organisations are based. The report complies with the European Commission's guidelines for the disclosure of non-financial information related to climate impacts. It also takes into account the principles of GRI Foundation 2021 - Global Reporting Initiative and UNEP FI - Principles for Responsible Banking. In addition, it showcases the bank's activities and how they contribute to the global UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The report is available at