The application period for 5,000 Becas Santander Language | Online English Courses 2023 study grants with the British Council is open.

Becas Santander is adding hundreds of free online resources to its educational offering, including over 500 lessons in English.

Madrid, 14 March 2023.
Banco Santander awarded some 16,000 study grants for English courses with world-renowned institutions. Most Becas Santander users seek grants to learn English, which continues to be the foreign language in highest demand among employers.

The first grant programme for 2023 is already accepting applications for 5,000 Becas Santander Language | Online English Courses study grants with the British Council for people older than 18 years of age and living in Argentina, Germany, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, the US, Spain, Portugal, Poland, the UK and Uruguay.

The programme offers five levels of proficiency to help students improve grammar and vocabulary, especially for attending meetings, giving presentations and doing work interviews. It lasts 16 weeks and consists of 12 group classes that are taught entirely online by a British Council instructor, at no cost to students.

More than 500 free English lessons

Becas Santander will be running special initiatives throughout 2023 with world-renowned institutions. Its educational offering has added the Santander Learning Room, an online platform that enables beginner, intermediate and advanced learners to study at their own pace, with unlimited access to up to 500 free, high-quality lessons in eBooks, audiobooks, podcasts, courses and videos.

Courses cover not only grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and useful phrases, but also conversation, listening and speaking, and Business English for marketing, strategy, data, brand management, accounting and administration.

For Blanca Sagastume, Head of Santander Universities, Open Innovation & Blockchain, “our grant programmes respond to the demands of the jobs market, where English continues to be a must-have in order to get hired and gain international experience”.

Becas Santander users need only to log on to Becas Santander and go to the “Learning Room” in order to experience unrestricted, personalized learning and professional development anytime, anywhere. Lessons can be opened on any device in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Banco Santander, supporting higher education

At Banco Santander, we are strongly committed to progress and inclusive, sustainable growth. We take a pioneering and consolidated approach to education, entrepreneurship and employability, which we have been putting into practice for over 25 years, setting us apart from other financial institutions around the world. The institution has allocated over €2.2 billion to this programme and has awarded over 1 million scholarships and grants to students, professionals, entrepreneurs and SMEs with agreements with more than 1,300 universities (