The bank was awarded for the service in branches, in remote channels, for personal, mortgage and online banking. The process of account opening both in branches and online was recognised. Santander Bank Polska was also named the best business bank. 28 branches were awarded with the title of the best bank outlet.

Warsaw, 16 March 2023.
In the Institution of the Year ranking, banks are assessed in 10 categories, in 4 customer segments: retail, affluent, private banking and business.

Awards in the Institution of the Year ranking are a sign of appreciation of our efforts and strategy. We keep creating new solutions for our customers and staff, we keep improving existing ones and expand our offer range. We digitize processes and improve the quality of services so that each contact with us (remote or personal) is effective, intuitive and enhances the good experience of our customers. We also systematically modernize and change our facilities to make them convenient for our advisors and create a friendly environment for meetings with our customers. The numerous awards we have received in the Institution of the Year ranking are a great confirmation of effectiveness of our actions, says Magdalena Proga-Stępień, Head of Distribution at Santander Bank Polska.

The survey also verifies if the process of buying banking products at the branch and online is friendly and efficient. It tests service quality and customer satisfaction in post-sales.

Santander Bank Polska is a leader in categories such as Best Customer Service in Brach and Best Customer Service Online. Customer satisfaction was assessed in 11 key areas. Remote service was assessed based on the quality of conversations with the helpline. The survey also looked into the format of email responses, the time it took to respond, and whether the information provided was complete. Bank was also recognised as the Best Business Bank. The following elements proved to be the key: contact with the bank via helpline or in the branches, communication via email and business account opening.

Santander Bank Polska was also recognised for the best Account Opening Process in The Branch and The Best Account Opening Process Online. Ergonomics, friendliness and efficiency of opening the account were assessed in the remote process. Customer experience during the conversation about the products and the opening itself were of key importance when opening account in the branches. Customers also ranked the process of card cancellation, as well as methods for closing the relationship with the bank. The survey also looked into customer retention actions. Own sales networks were ranked in each of the 13 banks; external sales networks and shopping mall stands were also ranked in some cases.

The Award for the Best Internet Banking was presented for the features that make our life easier. Best Personal Banking category focused on the service of customers declaring inflows of over PLN 10k, with over PLN 200k worth of savings. Santander Bank Polska was also recognised for the Best Mortgage Service.

Bank branches competed for individual awards throughout the year. The award was granted to those that scored at least 80% of points in two measurements. As many as 28 Santander Bank Polska outlets got the title of the Best Bank Branch in Poland.

Institution of the Year is the largest on the market and the most comprehensive project focused on the quality of customer service in the banking sector. The eighth edition of Institution of the Year lasted 4 quarters of 2022 in 13 banks. It covered 1,558 visits to bank branches, 1,264 calls to the hotline, 650 e-mail inquiries, 380 personal accounts opening, 780 tests of online banking and mobile applications, and 11,645 ratings and reviews of real users of mobile applications.

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