This is the fifth award that Santander Mexico has received for its innovations.

Mexico City, 11 May 2023.
Banco Santander Mexico received the Platinum Financial Innovators in the Americas Award from Fintech Americas, its highest prize, for the development and implementation of digital customer service on social networks, which places the customer at the heart of its activities. This is the fifth time that the bank has won such a prize.

Santander was chosen as the winner from a highly competitive field, comprising over 200 candidates in the region, for creating a bespoke model for customer service on social networks, adapting its language and processes to enhance the experience on such platforms, and implementing a programme that combines personalised service and chatbot technology, and that is based on the principle of first contact resolution, the aim of which is to provide the customer with a resolution the very first time that they contact the Bank via its social networks.

This model, known as Engagement Center, became operational in 2021 and is currently in use on the Bank's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram profiles. It is involved in over 90% of the conversations on the Bank's social networks. Between January 2022 and January 2023 alone, over 115,000 customers received service in this way, with satisfaction rates hitting 99% in April 2023.

Gamal Durán Castellanos, executive director of Communication and Social Media for Santander Mexico, said, "Santander Mexico has seen rapid growth in digital customers – in 2022 alone, they grew by almost 9% to exceed 6 million. That's why it is so important that we can provide customer service on social networks. To that end, we created our Engagement Center, which uses a bespoke model to respond to customers via those platforms. It allows for conversation both with executives and with chatbots that provide automated responses, thereby enriching the Bank's omnichannel offering. This award is the fruit of joint efforts between various areas of the Bank, who have worked in a fully integrated manner with customers at its centre".

Fintech Americas is a community of bankers, entrepreneurs and technical experts focused on designing the future of finance in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a particular emphasis on promoting the digital modernisation of the banking system and financial services in the region. It brings together over 38,000 executives in the Latin American banking and finance sectors looking to transform their financial institutions into more agile companies driven by technology to achieve rapid and efficient digital transformation.

This is the fifth consecutive time that Santander Mexico has received an award from Fintech Americas, the previous four being for the rollout of the Getnet contactless payment scheme in the Mexico City Metrobús system; "Tarjeta sin números" ("numberless card") – credit cards with neither a card number or security code on them; "Mis Metas" ("My Targets") – Santander's automatic savings scheme; and the rollout of smartwatch payments at POS terminals.

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