These scholarships are aimed at individuals who wish to play an active role in sustainable initiatives in their workplace or to redirect their career path.

Applications can be submitted until 22 July 2023 at Santander Scholarships.

Madrid, 5 July 2023.
Banco Santander and Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS), a world-leading institution in research on sustainability issues, have opened the second call for applications for Santander Scholarships | Skills for the Green Transition 2023.

There are a total of 1,000 scholarships available for candidates to apply for. These scholarships are aimed at individuals over the age of 18 from 11 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and Uruguay) wanting to design and execute sustainable initiatives within their organisation, or who are considering a shift towards sustainability in their career journey.

The scholarship offers a comprehensive six-week online programme that provides an in-depth exploration of the critical environmental issues and challenges we confront today while equipping students with the knowledge and competencies essential for addressing them effectively in their professional endeavours. Delving into the profound influence of sustainable initiatives on markets and corporations' responses to environmental challenges, this programme empowers participants with the requisite skills to navigate and lead in this domain for maximum impact.

The programme is delivered in three languages - Spanish, English, and Portuguese - with the added benefit of being completely free of charge. Participants are not required to possess a university degree, and being a Santander customer is not a prerequisite for enrollment. Upon successfully concluding the programme, participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance by Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education, further enhancing their professional credentials.

According to Blanca Sagastume, director of Santander Universities, Open Innovation & Blockchain, "Companies are taking individual action on environmental challenges. This is essential in order to come up with solutions but it requires training and advice in addition to proactivity, and Cambridge Judge Business School has plenty of experience at this level."

Professor Simon Learmount, Academic Programme Director for Skills for the Green Transition, says “We are thrilled to collaborate on this groundbreaking programme, designed to equip individuals with the essential skills to effect tangible change. This programme empowers participants to make the green transition and make a lasting impact on the world”.

Banco Santander continues to demonstrate its commitment to education and employability by calling for submissions to these programmes, together with prestigious international institutions. Santander Scholarships support people in improving their employability through lifelong learning, scholarships and free vocational skills training for all ages.

Banco Santander and its support for education

Banco Santander is firmly committed to progress and inclusive sustainable growth. It boasts a long-standing and groundbreaking 26-year commitment to education, employability and entrepreneurship, which sets it apart from the world's other financial institutions. The bank has allocated more than 2.2 billion euros and supported more than one million people and companies through agreements with more than 1,300 universities (

Cambridge Judge Business School

Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS) holds a distinguished position within the University of Cambridge, renowned as one of the world's most prestigious academic institutions. It is deeply committed to driving advancements in technology aimed at combating the pressing issue of climate change. At the forefront of this endeavour, CJBS is home to  19 esteemed research centres dedicated to exploring diverse subjects, all with the common goal of effecting meaningful change in the business world and broader society. Central to its mission is the pursuit of sustainability, demonstrated through a multitude of initiatives and unwavering research efforts aimed at understanding how communities and corporations can effectively respond to the intricate challenges of promoting economic development while safeguarding our planet. An integral component of CJBS's offering is its Executive Education Learning Solutions, which provide exceptional programs directly stemming from the institution's cutting-edge research.