Santander Scholarships | Innovation in Teaching 2023 is offering teachers training in active teaching skills, good university practices and collaborative work.

Applications can be submitted until 6 September 2023 at Santander Scholarships.

Madrid, 31 July 2023.
Banco Santander, in partnership with Harvard Business Publishing Education, is offering 300 Santander Scholarships | Innovation in Teaching 2023 to boost teachers' skills. Recipients will receive training in the skills and methodologies needed to deliver innovative, high-quality teaching. 

The eligibility requirements for the scholarships include teaching in higher education in one of the 11 countries listed (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Spain, the UK, Uruguay, and the USA) and having more than three years of professional experience. Applications will be open until 6 September at Santander Scholarships.  

Led by Harvard Business Publishing Education, the program aims to provide participants with active teaching skills and best practices in higher education, and to support them in their collaborative work, thereby helping to create a space for growth and innovation within a global teacher community. 

Blanca Sagastume, head of Santander Universities, Open Innovation & Blockchain, stated, “Innovation in teaching skills in higher education really is exploding. With these scholarships, we are setting out to help ensure that this knowledge spreads through universities as practically, substantially and permanently as possible”. 

“At Harvard Business Publishing, our purpose is to help leaders move the world forward. Developing tomorrow’s leaders starts with today’s educators. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Santander on this program and to be enabling educators who are eager to bring innovative and memorable learning experiences to their students,” said Vivek Chachra, Vice President and General Manager, Harvard Business Publishing Education.

The fully online program can be taken in Spanish, English and Portuguese, and lasts for eight weeks. This is a free program and participants do not have to be Santander customers. 

The program will conclude with a virtual Innovation Forum, bringing together participants with an expert speaker who will share valuable insights on pathways towards innovation in higher education, teaching methodologies, and lessons learned during the program that were applied in the Final Projects. 

Banco Santander steps up its commitment to education and employability by calling for applications for these programs, along with prestigious international institutions. Santander Scholarships support people in improving their employability through lifelong learning, scholarships and free vocational skills training for all ages.

Banco Santander and its support for education

Banco Santander is fully committed to progress and inclusive and sustainable growth through a pioneering and consolidated commitment to education, entrepreneurship and employability built up over more than 26 years, making the bank unique among financial institutions across the globe.  The bank has dedicated over 2.2 billion euros of funding supporting more than one million people and companies through agreements with more than 1,300 universities (

Harvard Business Publishing Education

Harvard Business Publishing Education is a division of Harvard Business Publishing (HBP), a not-for-profit, independent corporation that is an affiliate of Harvard Business School. HBP Education offers a robust catalog of over 60,000 learning materials from more than 50 sources, alongside pedagogical support, teaching advice,  and curriculum guidance to help educators create powerful learning moments that students will remember long after they leave the classroom (