The Bank has been rated the highest in the 10th edition of the “Banking Stars” ranking published by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and PwC. The main prize is the recognition of the Bank’s overall performance as indicated by the scoring achieved in four categories and an independent assessment by the jury.

Warsaw, 12 June 2024.
Santander Bank Polska has taken the podium in three of four categories making up the final assessment. The Bank has been ranked second in “Customer relationship star” category, in which the scoring depends on customer assessment, and “Financing star” category, which synthetically describes financial condition of the banks. The Bank has been also ranked high in “ESG star” category, in which it secured the 3rd spot. The total of 73.8 points collected in all categories translated into the 1st spot for Santander Bank Polska in the overall ranking.

The “Financing star” category included e.g. financial effectiveness ratios. “Customer relationship” score is based on a survey conducted on a sample of about a dozen thousand bank account holders. The surveyed assess their relationship with their bank and answer 10 questions. The “ESG star” score is based on 40-question surveys filled in by the banks. The survey focuses on environmental, social and governance factors.

11 biggest universal banks in Poland took part in this edition. The awards were granted at the European Financial Congress in Sopot. Three sources of information are used while setting the ranking. First: financial and business data of banks for 2022 and 2023. The “finances” category was based on the audited financial statements. Second: additional surveys filled in by banks.  Third: surveys conducted on customers of financial institutions. Almost 12k surveys were conducted. The main ranking was based on average ratings in each category: finance (30%), innovation and technology (20%), ESG (20%) and customer relationships (20%). On top of that, the jury assessment (10%) contributed to the overall rating.