• The call will be open until September 30 at Santander X, the bank's global entrepreneurship platform.
  •  In 14 years, the prize has delivered 1,890,000 pesos to more than 3,000 projects from 70 universities throughout the country.

Banco Santander in Argentina, through Santander Universities, launches the XV edition of the Entrepreneur X Award, a business plan competition whose objective is to promote entrepreneurial culture among university students and young professionals.

The prize, convened through Santander X, has gone through important developments in this edition. In the first place, the economic amount of the awards has increased considerably: $400,000, $200,000 and $100,000 and the commitment to support entrepreneurial projects has been reinforced.

In addition, the projects will go through an offline preselection stage, in which of all the postulates, 10 will be chosen and will pass to a face-to-face evaluation stage where the 3 best projects will be awarded.

Entrepreneurs can now apply, and have time until September 30, entering santanderx.com

In the last 14 years, more than 3,000 projects from 70 public and private universities across the country were presented and 55 awards were given to young entrepreneurs for a total of 1,890,000 pesos.

This type of initiatives that promote entrepreneurship among young university students, are part of one of the strategic axes of action of Santander Universities and is articulated through Santander X. The objective is to promote high-impact projects, connecting entrepreneurs from all over the world that want to contribute to socio-economic progress and also supporting the commitment of universities for entrepreneurship.

Santander X will realize this by connecting foci of entrepreneurship around the world, giving international visibility, and facilitating the scalability of projects, moving from the local to the global, articulating the offer of the various actors in the ecosystem in order to help both Technological as well as traditional entrepreneurs to connect with the 3 fundamental resources for a new business; talent, customers and financing.

About Santander Argentina

Santander Argentina is the first private bank of the Argentine financial system in savings (deposits plus common funds) and in credit volume. The entity has 468 branches, more than 3.7 million customers (including more than 260 thousand SMEs and 1,300 corporate companies), and has a presence in 22 provinces and in the City of Buenos Aires.

It also develops a broad corporate social responsibility program, focused on higher education, and through Santander Río Universidades maintains more than 86 collaboration agreements with Argentine public and private universities.

At the same time, since 2012 Santander has been promoting its Social Integration Branches (SIB) in Argentina, branches that are installed in vulnerable sectors without access to financial services in at least 5 km around. The Bank has already opened 5 SIS in La Matanza, Castelar, Don Orione, Barrio 31 and fully open another 5 more this year, bringing almost half a million people to financial services.

About Santander Universities

Banco Santander is the only European bank included in the ‘Change the World’ 2018 ranking of companies that are contributing to improve the world (Fortune magazine) for its positive impact on society, among other criteria.

Its firm commitment to Higher Education, which materializes through Santander Universities, also distinguished it as a company that invests most in Education in the world (Varkey Report / UNESCO / Fortune 500) and has become one of its hallmarks, with 1,200 collaboration agreements with universities and institutions in more than 20 countries, more than 1,700 million euros allocated to academic initiatives since 2002 and more than 73,000 scholarships and university grants granted in 2018 in order to contribute to the progress of people, Companies and society.