Filling the green financing gap
  • Eila Kreivi, responsable de Mercados de Capitales del Banco Europeo de Inversiones.
  • Peter Sweatman, consejero delegado de Climate Strategy and Partners.
  • Ana Rivero, directora de Estrategia de Santander Asset Management.

The goals set out in the Paris Agreement require a response from the public and private sectors to support the transition to a low-carbon economy. The financial system has a key role to play by helping address the green investment gap with market solutions and investment. In this panel, Eila Kreivi, the Head of Capital Markets at the European Investment Bank, Peter Sweatman, Chief Executive of Climate Strategy and Partners, and Ana Rivero, Head of Strategy at Santander Asset Management, will discuss how the financial sector is contributing to the greening of the economy, the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead and how the interplay between the financial sector, policymakers and other stakeholders is crucial to ensure successful outcomes.

Filling the green financing gap

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