Alfonso García Mora

Regional Vice President, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean

Alfonso García Mora is IFC’s Vice President for Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. He spearheads IFC’s engagements in the two regions, including operationalizing IFC’s response to the Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the post COVID-19 recovery, building a strong pipeline for private sector investments rooted in country strategies, and fostering more collaboration opportunities with key stakeholders to maximize impact.

Mr. García Mora, a Spanish national, brings more than twenty years of experience in financial and private sector development, with twelve years in the private sector and nine years in different positions at the World Bank Group. Most recently, Mr. García Mora was IFC’s Regional Vice President for Asia and the Pacific. Prior to that, he was a Director at the World Bank in charge of different regions (including Europe and Latin America) and global units in the Equitable Growth, Finance, and Institutions Practice Group, including as Global Director of Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation. His experience working across regions and institutions has enabled Mr. García Mora to further foster World Bank Group collaboration and opportunities.

Prior to joining the World Bank, Mr. García Mora was a Partner and Managing Director in Analistas Financieros Internacionales (AFI), mostly focused on Europe and LAC. In that capacity, he gained extensive experience working with the private sector, regulators, governments, and development finance institutions in different countries.

Mr. García Mora has a PhD in Financial Economics from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain and has also lectured and published extensively on banking and financial-sector issues.

Alfonso García Mora