Formaspack is one of 1,000 SMEs in Spain that have obtained financing from Tresmares Capital, an alternative platform backed by Banco Santander that is working to locate the small and medium-sized enterprises with the most potential in Spain. Ana Botín has visited all corners of this Cantabrian company, which has become a benchmark in the world of plastic recycling, and has talked with its key players.  

Tresmares Capital is an alternative financing and investment platform which, with the support of Santander, is striving to find the Spanish SMEs with the most potential. 

On this journey, it has discovered Formaspack, a plastic recycling company located in Cantabria, in the north of Spain, in which it has invested €50 million to boost its plant for using recycled plastic to create food trays. This company has become a worldwide benchmark for this activity and, as a result, it has managed to make a major contribution to the local economy and the environment, to move towards a more sustainable future. And Ana Botín, Group executive chairman of Banco Santander, has been with this company along the way.

Ana Botín visits Formaspack
Ana Botín visits Formaspack



Thanks to the support from us at Santander, Tresmares has €175 million of private capital to invest, with a further €900 million focused on private debt, as well as a traditional financing facility. In this way, we are looking to back small and medium-sized enterprises so that they can achieve the promising future that they deserve, both for their immediate environment and for their continued growth as the country’s economic engine, which in turn acts as the main driver of progress for everyone.

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