Santander Private Banking has responded immediately to the coronavirus crisis in all its markets, consolidating its position as a global platform and providing security and peace of mind to all of its customers. 

To explain its measures, Santander Private Banking’s global team has worked with geographies to launch its ‘Back to the Future’ podcast series and create ‘Wealth Talks’, its first series of virtual conferences for customers with expert opinions on the impact of the covid-19 crisis on the economy, society and politics.

‘Wealth Talks’ conferences

‘Wealth Talks’ was kicked off by Toni Nadal, Rafa Nadal’s uncle and coach until 2017, who discussed his carrier and his values both on and off the court, encouraging proper management of uncertainty and adversity. The next topic was how the pandemic has affected geopolitics and society. Matthew Goodwin, a political science professor at the University of Kent, commented on the long-term global consequences of coronavirus, and Michael Stott, Financial Times’s Latin America editor, focused on its effect on that region. As a final touch, Dr David L. Katz’s remarked on the importance of data and lifestyle in minimising new outbreaks.

For its next conferences in September, Santander Private Banking will have new speakers for its customers. To see all the talks produced so far, please visit this web page.

‘Back to the Future’ podcast

The ‘Back to the Future’ podcast series featured accounts given by the heads of Private Banking in Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Miami on covid-19 and its impact on business operations. 

Vitor Ohtsuki, head of Private Banking Brazil, began the series by talking about digital trends. He touched on how his unit has been dealing with trends, adapting business and digital resources, and responding to the new needs of customers. Furthermore, Adela Martín, head of Private Banking Spain, spoke about employee protection measures and the safety protocols still in place to safeguard the health of employees and customers alike. Javier Ortega, head of sales for Private Banking Mexico, discussed customers in particular, examining measures in place to guarantee their health and safety while continuing to provide them with excellent service. Alfonso Castillo, head of Private Banking International, took stock of the pandemic’s impact on business, new opportunities and how the situation might evolve moving forward.

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