The Christmas season is a time for good deeds and for dreams to come true. Children bring hope and excitement to the world. Their wishes illuminate our lives and it us up to us to make their dreams come true. To keep such dreams alive, Santander Bank is collaborating with the Pequeño Deseo Foundation to help hospitalized children fulfill their wishes.


There is one thing we want children who have to stay in a hospital for health reasons to keep: hope and an everlasting smile. We can make that smile even bigger when a small wish - such as meeting their idols, going to an amusement park or being accompanied by a guide dog - becomes reality.

From Santander, through Shareholder Relations, we want to propel the magical transformation of dreams. To this end, in collaboration with the Fundación Pequeño Deseo in Spain, we will support more than 30 children, hospitalized with serious illnesses, during their treatment. To achieve this goal, we invite you to watch the following Christmas video. With this gesture we will donate one euro for each viewing, up to a maximum of 20,000 euros, to help the Pequeño Deseo Foundation in their mission to make the wishes of all these children come true.

We support Fundación Pequeño Deseo in their work to turn dreams into reality.

This solidarity initiative, and others we carry out, is possible thanks to the commitment and support of our shareholders. For example, at the 2022 General Shareholders' Meeting, we donated 30,000 euros to the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC, in Spanish), to accompany patients and their families for 6 months during cancer treatment. Furthermore, ONCE Foundation was the recipient of another donation of 30,000 euros to train people with disabilities through 15 scholarships, so that they can develop their digital skills and thus promote their employability by increasing their professional qualifications. 

All these initiatives are part of Santander's commitment to help people and businesses prosper. 

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