In an ever more connected world, where most interactions and transactions are carried out online, digital trust is vital. To promote online security, Santander is launching the Digital Trust Hackathon. Until 10 December, developers can compete for prizes of up to €15,000 with projects that set out to build digital trust.

The Digital Trust Hackathon is happening around the world to encourage software developers to create new ways of inspiring the trust of people and businesses. How? Through new software to share data, check identity and confirm online information safely without compromising privacy, and by making use of the Digital Trust protocol APIs.

Santander presents Digital Trust Hackathon

Want to join in?

If you have ideas for digital trust solutions, come take part in the Digital Trust Hackathon. From now to 10 December, developers and other innovators across the globe can compete for prizes of up to €15,000.

Teams of one to five people will work on creating software to boost digital trust, focusing on new tools that can do things like verify a consumer’s age or loan details, and confirm that an actual support centre employee is helping customers online. 

Software will be judged on their potential impact and scalability, technical complexity and protocol, marketing plan, finished prototype, design, user experience and other criteria. A panel of 15 judges will review the projects, and winners will be announced on 17 December.

Santander and its partners in organizing this event, including the Institute of International Finance (IIF), OpenID, Slack and IBM, share the belief that building digital trust is not only possible but necessary, as online interactions and transactions continue to increase. Together, we can help create a future where prospering in the digital world will be easy and secure. 

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