Most entrepreneurs hope their idea will . Every year, “Explorer – Young People with Solutions” helps get more than 1,000 projects off the ground. 

As part of our commitment to entrepreneurship, we're kicking off the 15th Explorer. The event is promoted by Santander Universities and coordinated by the Santander Entrepreneurship International Centre (CISE). Applicants can submit their entries on the Santander X platform. Last year, EXPLORER received 1,000 ideas, 43.1% of which were from women (above the 30% average from previous years). 

Santander has unflaggingly promoted university entrepreneurship since day one. In the past 11 years, it has supported more than 8,000 projects from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Mexico and Portugal. This year's Explorer will be open to projects from the UK and Uruguay.

Explorer combines online training and international growth. The programme is constantly evolving without losing sight of its purpose: selected candidates work on their projects — more than 1,000 every year — for 12 weeks and network a global community of entrepreneurs. Explorer's collaborative,learning-by-doing techniques help the entrepreneurs determine their future, prepare for the financial independence they desire and master the skills and tools they need to get their idea off the ground to tackle  problems targeted by United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)for 2030.

In addition, the teams with the most outstanding projects will be able to enjoy an Explorer Trip: a week of immersion with hundreds of entrepreneurs at a renowned innovation hub in Europe. But for programme participants, the most important thing is being able to make their ideas reality. Here's what they have to say: 

Ellas Artes: empowerment for women in creative industries

Grecia Pérez (Mexico, National Autonomous University of Mexico), director and founder of Ellas Artes, had many plans to help empower women in the creative industries. Explorer allowed her to focus her project: Grecia made a strategy based on what users of her platform would value most. The community and learning system of Explorer helped her develop an idea that promotes gender equality.

Before Explorer, I thought I wouldn't easily gain anything new and be motived in an online programme. It turned out I could. Explorer is truly unique, as it treats young people as agents of change

Grecia Pérez, director and founder of Ellas Artes

Testimonial by Grecia Pérez, director and founder of Ellas Artes, after her Explorer experience.

Solução Carioca: the perfect beach chair

A lightweight, foldable chair with space to store everything you need for a day at the beach — that's the project of Guilherme Balthar (Brazil, Explorer Brazil). He saw his time at Explorer as his chance to make his idea a reality. Here's what it's meant to him in his words:

I’ve been able to learn a lot [...] and try things out. During this time, I grew and learned a lot with Explorer.

Guilherme Balthar, creator of Soluçao Carioca

Testimonial by Guiherme Balthar, creator of Solução Carioca, after his Explorer experience.

Tu embrióloga (“Your embryologist”): breaking taboos on assisted reproduction

Sara Lucas (Spain, Cantabria Space), created to provide partially free consultations about a little-known topic. Having a degree in biology and a master’s in assisted human reproduction, Sara saw many taboos but very little information about fertility treatment. To help patients, Sara wanted offer support and personalized guidance.

“I got an email to sign up for this programme, and I am extremely grateful I did because [...] it showed me how to monetize my idea

Sara Lucas, creator of Tu embrióloga

Testimonial by Sara Lucas, creator of Tu embrióloga.

Banco Santander and its support for higher education

Banco Santander, a leader in responsible banking, strongly promotes progress and inclusive, sustainable growth. For more than 25 years, Santander Universities has delivered on the bank's firm, pioneering commitment to education, entrepreneurship and employment, unlike that of any other financial institution in the world. So far, the bank has committed more than €2.1 billion to support over 790,000 students, professionals and entrepreneurial projects through agreements with nearly 1,000 universities and institutions across 15 countries.

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