LAST UPDATE: 09/03/2022

Extreme E, the world’s only carbon-neutral rally, champions gender equality, sustainable transport and the fight against climate change. Santander Private Banking supports these 100% electric, off-road races that highlight the effects of global warming.

In the second season of our climate change campaign, drivers Carlos Sainz and Laia Sanz of the Santander Private Banking-sponsored team are back to tackle five races that highlight the impact of climate change in Neom, Saudi Arabia; the coast of Sardinia, Italy; Antofagasta, Chile; Punta del Este, Uruguay; and Senegal. The “electric rallies” aim to help stop climate woes by taking innovation and sustainable transport to all four corners of the world.

In the first race of the new season, dubbed “Desert X-Prix”, 10 teams that each comprise a man and a woman went head-to-head in Neom, Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s most arduous deserts. The competition sought to raise awareness of the effects of the rising temperatures and loss of biodiversity on the region, while underscoring the potency of electric vehicles. The Spanish drivers sponsored by Santander Private Banking came a close second — their best finish so far — after a fantastic weekend on the dunes.

The next race in this compelling series to promote sustainability will take place on 7 and 8 May on the coast of Sardinia, Italy.

El ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team, patrocinado por Santander Private Banking

ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team, sponsored by Santander Private Banking

World’s only emission-free event

As part of its aim to protect the environment and combat the effects of climate change, Extreme E offsets its modest emissions — like Santander — through local support programmes and renewable energy project financing.

At each venue, the series seeks to make a difference by promoting the Legacy programme, designed by a panel of renowned scholars from Oxford and Cambridge Universities. The programme aims to galvanize the fight against climate change and aid communities bearing the brunt of its impact.

Laia Sanz helping reforest Neom
Laia Sanz helping reforest Neom

In Saudi Arabia, Extreme E pointed up reforestation in Neom. According to studies, the region has suffered a significant loss of woodland due to global warming. 10 million trees are set to be planted there over the next 20 years. The series continues to back research and education on climate change’s impact on many areas of the planet.

The drivers saw first-hand the work being done to reintroduce lizards and other native species to the region.

A step further to advance people and society 

Santander Private Banking is supporting Spanish team ACCIONA | Sainz XE because it shares the series’ values. We want to stress the need for diversity, innovation and sustainability in fighting climate change and promoting equal opportunity not only in sport, but in every facet of society. 

Spectator numbers are expected to continue rising. In Extreme E’s first season, races were broadcast live on digital platforms to over one million people and on television to an average 18 million viewers per race in 195 countries, making the series truly global.

ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team Multimedia Gallery

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