LAST UPDATE: 05/01/2022

Gender equality, sustainable mobility and the fight against climate change are brought together in Extreme E, a global off-road electric SUV Championship that, in its inaugural season, has toured five ecosystems that have suffered the effects of global warming.

During the first season, Carlos Sainz and Laia Sanz, drivers on the team sponsored by Santander Private Banking, have toured several locations to raise awareness of climate change: from deserts in Saudi Arabia and Senegal to Greenland’s Arctic and the coasts of Sardinia (Italy) and Dorset (United Kingdom). The 100% electric SUV competition has taken innovation and sustainable mobility around the world.

The climate crisis not only affects remote locations; it is visible in all environments, including the UK’s Jurassic Coast. The last race of the inaugural season of Extreme E took place in Dorset, near the ancient rock formations of this coast. 

The ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team, sponsored by Santander Private Banking
The ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team, sponsored by Santander Private Banking

The nine teams, each consisting of one male and one female driver, competed in the last race of the season in Bovington, where the UK army has a military base where it is piloting electric armoured vehicles and carbon efficient accommodation. The aim of the Jurassic X Prix was to not only raise awareness of the need to stop using fuel vehicles, but also highlight the erosion and irreversible damage, such as the rising sea level, suffered by coastal areas due to the climate crisis.

This season, the five Extreme E races were broadcast live, both on television and on digital platforms, reaching over 177 million viewers who were shown the impact that climate change has on the whole planet.

The competition will be back in action in February 2022. The Neom desert, in Saudi Arabia, will kick off the second season of our sustainability journey.

In line with our responsible banking policy, in 2022 we will continue this adventure with the help of Santander Private Banking.

Leaving behind a positive legacy

The Legacy programme designed by a panel of leading academics from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge is held at each of the Extreme E tour locations so as to leave a positive legacy wherever the teams compete. This initiative seeks to encourage the fight against climate change and to help the local communities suffering the consequences.

With the participation of the National Trust, Europe’s largest conservation charity, the competition addressed biodiversity during the UK race. In addition to raising awareness of this issue, the drivers helped build a beaver lodge that will aid the return of beavers to the Purbeck wetlands. These animals help provide better environmental conditions to these surroundings.

Sponsored by Santander Private Banking
Sponsored by Santander Private Banking

A further step for the progress of individuals and society 

At Santander Private Banking we have the same values as this championship, and that is why we have joined the Spanish ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team, formed by Carlos Sainz and Laia Sanz. We seek thus to highlight the importance of diversity, innovation and sustainability in the fight against climate change and in achieving equal opportunities for men and women in all areas of society, including the world of sport. 

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