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The ACCIONA | SAINZ XE team brings awareness about the effects of climate change and the need to boost the use of renewable energies in electricity generation to the coast of Punta del Este (Uruguay) in the last race of the season in the global competition for fully electric SUVs.

Sponsored by Santander Private Banking, the Spanish team formed by Carlos Sainz and Laia Sanz completed their season with the Energy X Prix held in Punta del Este (Uruguay), where they finished in third place overall.  In this second season, the competition has been taken to some of the places most affected by climate change in the world, like the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Chile, and the coasts of Sardinia in Italy.

From its course on the Uruguayan coast, the Energy X Prix sought to boost awareness of the need to increase the use of renewable energies in electricity generation. Uruguay is leading the effort by example in this regard – it generates over 98% of its electricity using renewable resources, and is one of the most electrified in its hemisphere, with 99.9% of homes connected to the electricity network.

El ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team, patrocinado por Santander Private Banking

The ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team, sponsored by Santander Private Banking, in Uruguay

Preserving biodiversity and the environment

Wherever it goes, the Extreme E championship promotes the Legacy programme, which aims to make a positive impact in every race location. This initiative aims to support the fight against climate change and help the local communities affected by it.

Carlos Sainz and Laia Sanz took part in a variety of activities with the Uruguayan Organización para la Conservación de Cetáceos (Organization for Cetacean Conservation) to raise awareness of the work it does to conserve Uruguay's marine ecosystem, promote sustainable nature tourism and protect the environment in coastal communities. They also paid a first-hand visit to the wind turbines in the Punta del Este area, and learnt how wind is used to generate electricity.

Season three calendar

The curtain has closed on the inaugural season of the Energy X Prix, concluding a journey that began in the Saudi desert and has seen the team compete across four ecosystems, all representing the consequences of global warming.

The competition will return on 11 and 12 March 2023 in the Saudi desert for Extreme E's third season.

This climate change journey enables Santander Private Banking to boost social engagement as regards the fight against climate change and the need to speed up the transition to a low-carbon economy through vehicle electrification.

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