Farol Santander, located at the Group's Brazil headquarters, houses a permanent collection of artwork in addition to hosting a variety of temporary exhibitions. The building was designed to tell stories and give a voice and space to people who contribute to society through their artwork.

In just two years since its inauguration, the Farol Santander building has emerged as a cultural landmark in São Paulo. At the same time, it has contributed to the use of art to raise awareness in the community, with numerous exhibitions of Brazilian and international artists. The building is intended to encourage thinking about new ways of viewing the world and society. 

In addition, it offers dining areas and serves as a work hub for employees of some of Santander's fintechs in Brazil. 

Source and purpose

Farol Santander is the result of comprehensive remodelling by the Group's subsidiary, located in the heart of São Paulo. Along with Farol Santander, two other historic buildings in the city centre were remodelled, as part of a construction project encompassing more than 7,000 m² of floor space.

The remodelling plan intended for Farol Santander to serve as a centre of culture and leisure. This is why the remodelled building has a strong connection with its origins: strolling through its corridors and taking in the original furniture from the period when the building was constructed, you will get a sense of what it felt like to work at a financial institution in the 1950s. A trip to the past to better understand the present.

Making this cultural experience more dynamic, the contrasts among the different spaces that make up the building are clear. A 1.5-ton chandelier welcomes you as you enter the building. This is the start of a visit that will allow you to discover the art, the technology and the past of São Paulo's financial institutions, as well as its history and growth. A tunnel with images, sounds and animation invites you to consider how the passage of time has transformed this Brazilian city.

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