Last update: 10/02/2022

Learning gives us the power to ensure our financial health. We propose a range of free specialized online courses and tools about finance. 

Where can I find free online courses?

Several institutes, public bodies and private financial institutions offer free online courses on managing savings, using financial products, the stock market, investing and other areas. 

We offer customers and non-customers classroom and online courses. Here are some details about our best online courses to help you boost your financial education with our experts and partners.

  • Home economics

    Finanzas para Mortales (“Finance for mortals”) offers free online tools about home economics so you can learn useful concepts about savings as well as personal and family finances.
  • Interpreting the economy

    Santander Mexico's ABC de tus Finanzas (“ABC of your finances”) programme gives information about macroeconomic stability and how a country’s economy affects people’s management of their own finances. The concepts and innovative tools it provides can help you make better financial decisions about investing.

Santander US also has a special section on its website where you can find tools about better use of financial applications or managing bank accounts online.

Webinar on fraud during the COVID-19 pandemic
Webinar on fraud during the COVID-19 pandemic


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