These are difficult times and covid-19 has Spain’s hotel and restaurant sector – an important part of the country’s economy – in a delicate situation. Santander’s Group executive chairman Ana Botín met with Pepa Muñoz, chef at El Qüenco de Pepa and president of FACYRE, the country’s federation of chefs and pastry chefs, to find out first hand what the implications could be.

Ana Botín alongside chef Pepa Muñoz
Ana Botín alongside chef Pepa Muñoz

Doubts, questions and uncertainty. This is what the coronavirus pandemic has generated in the hotel and restaurant sector, a particularly important sector for the fabric of Spanish business. Our bank is supporting Spain’s hotels, now more than ever. 

To find out first-hand how hoteliers are coping with the situation caused by the pandemic in Spain, Ana Botín visited the restaurant El Qüenco de Pepa. In the kitchen, she interviewed the owner: chef Pepa Muñoz, who has stressed the urgency of reopening restaurants given the impact their temporary closure has on employment and business continuity.   

Ana Botín interviews Pepa Muñoz, chef of El Qüenco de Pepa

The campaign launched by Santander in Spain to initiate “la Remontada”, or “the Comeback”, shows our commitment to our customers. Since the coronavirus crisis began, we have allocated €45,000 million in financing for companies, SMEs and self-employed workers. In addition, 200,000 families have benefited from payment deferrals and advances. But that’s not all. We still have more than €60,000 available for loans for customers.  

Image of the “la Remontada” campaign
Image of the “la Remontada” campaign

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