Technology is becoming a key part of sport for players and fans alike, and NBN23's Swish APP is taking basketball to another level.

CEO Javier Bosch founded this Valencia-based company in 2015 to fulfil his wish to boost support for amateur basketball by bringing it up to speed with the professional game through digitalization. That’s when he began brainstorming ideas and developing products like Competition, where you can generate an online report showing everything that happened in the game; and Performance, a tracking tool for players to analyse their individual game in detail.  

Swish APP, la aplicación que permite seguir un partido de baloncesto a través de Internet
Swish APP, the app where you can follow basketball games online

Those products laid the foundations for other innovative projects like InGame APP, for managing tournaments; and Swish APP, created for basketball fans to enjoy the sport through the Internet. Swish APP took a giant leap during the pandemic, crossing more borders than ever to bring NBN23’ presence to over 65 countries, not to mention collaboration with the NBA’s JR.NBA programme and its global tournaments. 

The budding start-up is also the official technology provider of the professional basketball leagues in Argentina, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland and other countries, as well as African basketball federations, where it has brought the benefits of digitalization to such countries as Angola and Senegal. The company has also sought to expand to other sports like football. It was one of 10 finalists in FootballCan 2041, Santander’s global challenge for start-ups to find innovative solutions to make the Beautiful Game more diverse, inclusive and sustainable. 

NBN23’s place in the final came from its idea to enhance the Fieeld touchscreen device for visually-impaired people to enjoy football, adding a bluetooth tracking system to the stadium, ball and pitch. 

Swish APP, la aplicación que permite seguir un partido de baloncesto a través de Internet
Swish APP

An eco-friendly start-up

NBN23 is committed to environmental protection. It has stopped using paper to prevent deforestation and reduce the impact of climate change. It also promotes recycling and the use of sustainable products. 

Its work both on and off the court has the backing of organizations like Santander and such leading figures in basketball as ‘Chacho’ Rodríguez, Amaya Valdemoro, Víctor Claver, Antoine Rigaudeau, José Manuel Calderón and Anna Montañana.


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