Our corporate website now has a new financial education section to introduce financial concepts, help people take better decisions about their personal finances, promote digital banking tools and raise awareness of our initiatives on financial education in the countries where we operate. 

Santander Responsible Banking agenda places financial education at the heart of financial empowerment for the strategic purpose of protecting users of financial services and driving financial inclusion. That is why we have undertaken to financially empower 10 million people around the world between 2019 and 2025.

Our efforts have led us to create a financial education section on our corporate website with three major objectives. First, we want customers and non-customers to have didactic materials to learn more and take better decisions about finance. Second, we hope the resources in this section will teach people to master digital tools and bank online in a simple and safe manner. Lastly, we want to call attention to all our financial education initiatives in the countries where we operate. 

We have always sought to help people through financial education. In 2019 alone, we committed upwards of EUR 3 million to train 579,000 people in 54 financial education programmes across our footprint. 

Discover our financial education section!

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