LAST UPDATE: 21/11/2022

With paintings, sculptures, coins, banknotes and other items, Banco Santander’s collection is a big hit among art and history lovers. Fundación Banco Santander has created videos of the artwork to give everyone a glimpse of its relationship with fashion, food, the environment and other areas.

Past, present and future. Fundación Banco Santander’s 1,000-plus works of art guide us through the history of Spain from the second century BC to now. Some of them show the challenges humankind faces, like social progress, the energy transition and equality.

While paintings make up the vast majority, the collection also features sculptures, decorative pieces, drawings and a complete collection of coins, which have been on public display in the “Sala de Arte” at the Financial City (Boadilla del Monte, Madrid) since 11 October 2021.

Mario Obrero and Sheila Blanco: the faces of memory in art (in Spanish)
Juana Acosta and Sonia Navarro: artisanship and the power of nature (in Spanish)
Joaquín Reyes and Costa Badía: the allure of the disturbing, gore and death in art (in Spanish)
Gender equality, political propaganda and art with Miss Beige (in Spanish)
Ianko López and Lorenzo Caprile: fashion and society through art (in Spanish)
Bene Bergado and Ángel León: sustainability and the future of food through art (in Spanish)
Experience the 3,000 stories hidden in the Banco Santander Collection (in Spanish)

Evolution, major events and beliefs: Everything that goes into art

With red fabrics to symbolize wealth, gender equality in political propaganda and other themes, the Banco Santander Collection goes far beyond what we see with the naked eye.  Behind the war scenes, royal portraits and landscapes are hundreds of stories that take us into the human mind over centuries. You need look no further than the subjects’ clothes and the food on the tables to see how closely connected gastronomy and fashion are to art. 

That’s why the foundation has created videos featuring personalities from those two worlds, like chef Ángel León and fashion designer Lorenzo Caprile. Thanks to them, we can delve a bit deeper into the details of each piece and look at them in a different light.

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