We’re a responsible bank that advocates sustainable and innovative uses of renewable energy. Our commitment has made Santander Corporate & Investment Banking (SCIB) a leader in green energy finance and advice.

Santander Corporate & Investment Banking (SCIB) has become a leader in renewable energy finance and advice owing to its efforts to seek solutions in environment, social and corporate governance (ESG) and other areas to help customers transition towards more sustainable models and a less polluting economy.

This has been an environmentally responsible journey to finance and advise on projects that add value to society while helping fight climate change and pollution, and protecting natural resources

Sustainable investment for the future

Santander CIB's experience with hydrogen, which began three years ago, has taught us a great deal about the technology, industry and commerce it has brought about.

In our drive to help customers who want to begin transitioning towards more sustainable models, we came across Plug Power, a US hydrogen energy company and global leader in fuel-cell systems and services. Santander CIB signed its first financial advice agreement with Plug Power in early 2021. We’re helping it start a joint venture with Renault Group to integrate its innovative solutions within light commercial vehicles. Both companies aspire to be key players in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of fuel-cell vehicles and hydrogen solutions in Europe. At Grupo Santander, we’re taking a step further in our work to help our customers in their transition towards a low-carbon economy.

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