Every day the impacts of the covid-19 crisis become more and more apparent. Seeing the effects that the pandemic has had in the short term, we can predict some of the consequences, especially on a social level, that it will leave in the world. However, we all have a responsibility to try to mitigate its impact.

Santander has remained committed to supporting the Common Goal Response Fund since the start of the crisis.  This initiative focuses on raising funds to help those people and organisations suffering the most from the devastating effects of the pandemic. With direct assistance from the 135 organisations that form part of the Common Goal network, support can be given to more than 200 communities in 90 countries and more than two million people. 

Support, mainly aimed at young people and their families who find themselves in a vulnerable situation after the crisis, translates into education and knowledge regarding the transmission and contagion of this virus; emergency assistance, through the provision of medical equipment; or emotional support, understanding the side effects that covid-19 will have on areas such as education. Hence, we want projects in education and sport, such as football, to continue providing the most disadvantaged communities a haven in which to feel safe and secure. 

Santander has partnered with  Common Goal since 2018. The charity project began a year earlier, led by Juan Mata, Jürgen Griesbeck and Thomas Preiss, and shares our desire to promote the sustainable development of society by taking advantage of the potential value of football. So far they have secured the participation of 150 football players and football professionals who donate at least 1% of their salary to the cause. 

This collaboration is part of our global marketing strategy called FootballCan, through which we show our commitment to building prosperous communities using football as an agent for change.

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