Chief executive officer José Antonio Álvarez, chief financial officer José García Cantera, and our Investor Relations team are among the best professionals in the sector and have received widespread praise and an award from the prestigious publisher, Institutional Investor, for excellence in investor relations.

Institutional Investor, a major business news publisher, held its award ceremony last week. Its sector-renowned awards are determined by the direct, independent vote of financial analysts and institutional investors, recognizing companies’ excellence and best practice in investor relations and market reporting.


This year, some 1,400 investors and analysts from all over the world have answered a survey to assess the performance and excellence of companies in Europe. Banco Santander’s Investor Relations officers and team have made the grade among companies’ best professionals:

Investor Relations team
Investor Relations team

  • José Antonio Álvarez has again been named one of the best CEOs in the European banking sector, climbing one spot from 2021 to second place in the Best CEO category: Overall ranked #2 in category for Best CEO in Banks sector in Europe.

  • José García Cantera, Group CFO, also rose in the ranking to second place in the Best CFO category for banks in Europe: Overall ranked #2 in the category for Best CFO in Banks in Europe.

  • The Investor Relations team, led by Begoña Morenés, came in first place among banks in Europe in the category for Best Investor Relations Team in Europe. It also was ranked as the best investor relations team and programme in Spain. 2022 Grand Prix #1 Best IR Team in European Financials and Overall ranked #1 Best IR Team and Programme in Spain.

  • Also, four members from the Investor Relations team — Carlos Berastain, Fernando Donoso, Gema Navamuel and Paula Cricca- have ranked in the top 10 for Best IR Professionals in the Banks sector in Europe.

  • In Overall #2 Best ESG programme in Banks sector in Europe, rising in the ranking from last year.

Based on the results from Institutional Investor’s independent Developed Europe Executive Team Survey.

The entire Investor Relations team is proud to receive this award as a benchmark for analysts and investors. It’s a testament to our commitment and the excellence we strive for in serving our investors, and it encourages us to continue working together and outdoing ourselves year after year. I want to thank each and every one in my team for their dedication, teamwork, professionalism and commitment. I can’t help but praise and be grateful for the constant support from senior officers, which is fundamental in our work to give the market confidence and continue to create value for our investors. More so, as investor relations is a job that can only be understood as a bank-wide effort, I must also thank everyone in Banco Santander, without whom our work would not be possible.

Begoña Morenés, Global Head of Investor Relations

Institutional Investor is one of the world's most prestigious financial news publishers. In its more than 50-year history, it’s become a lodestar in investor relations for its recognition of processional and corporate excellence in financial services. 

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