Spanish firm Wallbox is growing non-stop on its mission to make homes, companies and entire cities environmentally sustainable. Since 2017, Santander has been supporting the company to aid the transition to a green economy.

Six years ago, tech company Wallbox started up in Barcelona on a mission to be a responsible business, making innovative chargers to power electric vehicles and foster eco-friendly city living. At the time, it never imagined it would be named the 2020 SME of the Year by Santander and the Chamber of Commerce or become Spain's first publicly-traded “unicorn” on the back of its non-stop ascent, fuelled by the technology and innovation made possible by our support.

Grupo Santander Executive Chairman Ana Botín and Regional Head of Europe and Santander España CEO António Simões got a closer look at this company and its facilities, where everything inside is recyclable down to its very core.

Ana Botín visits Wallbox’s offices

Wallbox’s founders, Enric Asunción and Eduard Castañeda, told Ana Botín and António Simões what our Smart Fund support had meant in their early stages. “Your belief in us four years ago, with 2.4 million euros, is truly part of the reason Wallbox is what it is today”, Asunción said.  

Grupo Santander’s executive chairman during her visit.

Santander is firmly committed to helping people and businesses prosper as they transition towards a green economy that is responsible with society and the planet. 

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