Our commitment to contribute to our employees' personal and professional development has been recognised by the Top Employer Institute, a leading authority whose awards are based on the process of transforming professional personnel management. This achievement puts us ahead in countries such as Spain, Poland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Poland.

Employees are a key part of any company. This is how employees are viewed by Santander, whose commitment to motivating people has been recognised through its Top Employer Europe 2019 certification. The award reflects our dedication to attracting, developing and retaining the best talent.

Convinced that transformation begins with employees, we embraced a model that promotes talent. And we are approaching this as one of our major challenges in order to progress in adaptation and innovation. Our efforts are paying off. We reached our 2018 target set at the 2015 Investor Day: to be one of the top three banks to work for in most of our core geographies. We have also succeeded in being ranked as among the Top 10 best companies in five of our main markets. This has allowed us to move closer to one of our Responsible Banking commitments: to be one of the ten best companies to work for in at least six of the main countries where we operate.

We listen to our employees

Each year, we conduct the Global Engagement Survey. This allows us to identify and improve some of the aspects regarding which our staff most often makes requests. Since the launch of the survey in 2014, employee engagement has increased by almost ten percentage points, to 82%, within the Group. Our goal is to improve employee satisfaction and pride of belonging while fostering a participatory culture that makes employees feel part of the company's success. Because the bank is all of us.

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