Última actualización: 25/02/2021

Diversity is with us every step of the way at Santander. It’s essential because of its ability to enrich any environment. Our leaders tell us what’s most important about diversity and inclusion in the group. 

Diversity is the cornerstone of Grupo Santander's culture when it comes to helping people and businesses prosper in a way that is Simple, Personal and Fair, as Alexandra Brandão and Roberto di Bernardini explain: 

Alexandra Brandão and Roberto di Bernardini speak about diversity and inclusion

Our bank is proud to provide an inclusive and diverse environment where our customers and employees can thrive. This is message from Héctor Grisi, country head of Santander Mexico, and Marjolein van Hellemondt, Group chief compliance officer, who highlight Santander’s global strategy (which we recently approved).

In this video, they also promote managing unconscious biases to ensure we can all feel confident to be ourselves at work.

Héctor Grisi and Marjolein van Hellemondt talk about diversity and inclusion
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