Santander will participate in another annual ‘I’m a leader’ mentorship organised by the Vital Voices foundation for young women students, aged 16 to 19, who live in Poland and want to be business leaders. Participants will have a mentor throughout the programme.

Diversity is a cornerstone of Santander's culture. Therefore, we aim to help women develop their careers through a number of talent programmes and initiatives for women. One of these initiatives is run by the Vital Voices foundation in Poland.

With the I’m a leader mentorship, Vital Voices and Santander seek to nurture women’s style of leadership, enhance their skills and prevent unconscious bias. The programme targets young women students, aged 16 to 19, who are active in their local communities and want to become business leaders. To be selected, applicants must be among the 21 finalists of a required challenge.  

During a ten-day programme, these young women will attend workshops about leadership, effective communication, career planning and networking. They will also participate in a mentorship to find inspiration, develop their careers and network with other professionals. 

LeadersIn: another initiative for women

Santander has previously worked with Vital Voices on other mentorships, including LeadersIn, for women leaders. Various companies ran internal processes to select participants, who received career development support and shared experiences with mentors. Last year, Santander was represented by two mentors and three leaders. 

Santander Group encourages diversity and talented women. We believe in their power and potential as leaders in banking and the world. We feel that these programmes are very important and that mentoring is a unique opportunity to share inspiring and innovative knowledge and experiences.

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