Last update: 08/07/2020

After very difficult months due to the global coronavirus pandemic, in Spain we are now on the road to recovery. We have all been scared and disconcerted, but we have also been able to be together to help each other as a society that progresses together. And, at Banco Santander, we have been part of this, as shown in "Un país de imparables: La Remontada", a documentary produced by the TV Movistar + channel that describes our institution´s role during the crisis.

“Un país de imparables” is an original four-part TV channel Movistar+ production. Each part tells the stories of people in essential sectors who, during the worst moments of the crisis, were unstoppable in meeting the most basic needs. The episode on Banco Santander, “La Remontada”, tells the stories of overcoming obstacles and insistence on a comeback in sectors such as catering and tourism, which were hit hard by the pandemic and supported by the Bank during the crisis

With real-life stories and first-hand testimonies, the documentary relates how Santander helped fight the coronavirus crisis from the outset, and how all of us together will be capable of making a comeback and getting our lives back.


The journalist Ramón Besa tells us how "despite dire occurrences, football had never come to a halt. When it stops, you get the feeling that something major has happened."
Santiago receives a call in the middle of the night from the Castilla y León regional government telling him that they need his help to protect health workers and the community against covid-19.
Enrique together with a group of bank employees managed to raise a large sum of money to help the Infanta Leonor Hospital buy a new ambulance to transport gravely ill patients during the pandemic.
María Ruiz Andújar stresses how everyone at the bank has worked to support companies and self-employed persons.
In view of the need created by pandemic, Jaime decided to put his restaurant at the service of the community.
For many, the return to football is an unmistakeable sign that the world is starting up again, as the #TheComeback begins.
This is the time to travel around Spain again. Everyone able to do so should help boost domestic and local tourism again, to rekindle the joy generated by tourism in Spain.
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