We take a new step in the bank’s cultural and digital transformation.

Our design, user experience, and technology shape a new website that changes the way we communicate with all our stakeholders and represents the Group’s diversity and its global presence.

As our business adapts to a changing landscape, the new site represents our vision to be the best open financial services platform, incorporating our products and services and inspiring job seekers, investors and new partners to join us on our journey. 

The site was developed through the collaboration of 18 areas of the Group and seven of our country markets, led by Global Communications and the Operations team. This team worked under agile methodology in the conceptualization, prototyping, design and layout.

The result is a more attractive and user-friendly site which has something for all the different users who visit. 

Financial and share information will continue to be a fundamental pillar of the site, but presented in a more visual and interactive way.

We’ve integrated our job vacancies across all markets in the same place to make it simpler to find the role at Santander that best suits a job seekers’ skills and ambition.   

We are transparent in our presentation of information so that people can easily find what they are looking for and understand more about Santander, how we work, and the impact our activities have in helping people and businesses prosper. 

Welcome to Santander.com

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